Brief History of the 10 Day War

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25 June- Slovenia declares independence

26 June- Yugoslavs attack

27 June- YPA tanks arrive

28 June- Slovenes counter at Štrihovec

29 June- Slovenes reclaim Ljubljana Airport

30 June- Dravograd falls to the Slovenes

1 July- YPA lose ammo depot

2 July- Bloodiest battles of the war

3 July – YPA retreat

4 July- Ceasefire

7 July- Treaty


The Very Brief History of the Falklands War

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25 March- Argentine Marines land in South Georgia
2 April- Argentines land in the Falklands
26 April- British regain South Georgia
28 April- Total Exclusion Zone
30 April- British task force arrives
2 May- General Belgrano sinks
4 May- HMS Sheffield sinks
14 May- Pebble Island
21 May- HMS Ardent sinks
28 May- Battle of Goose Green
30 May- Moore arrives
31 May- Top Malo House
11 June- Mt. Longdon
13 June- Tumbledown
14 June- Argentines surrender

The Very Brief History of Hungary

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670- Early Magyars arrive in Hungary

906- Magyars capture Moravia

1000- Hungary is part of the Holy Roman Empire

1083- Stephen I is canonized

1241- Hello Mongols

1526- Battle of Mohács

1568- Partition

1699- Habsburgs

1848- Failed revolution

1867- Dual Monarchy

1918- No more Habsburgs

1949- Communism

1956- Another failed revolution

1989- Goodbye communism

2004- Joins NATO and the EU